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Madhur Anand

University of Guelph
Professor and University Research Chair
I am an ecologist with a variety of interests ranging from biodiversity, conservation biology, restoration ecology, ecological modelling and global ecological change. We have major projects on forest and forest-grassland mosaic responses to climate change, natural disturbance and human land-use (pollution, agriculture, logging, etc.). Our field sites are in Ontario, Brazil and India. I am also a poet and will be reading on Saturday at an outreach event from my debut collection "A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes" which has a lot of cool intersections with my own research, ecology and science in general. Come talk to me about potential graduate student and PDF opportunities in ecological investigations and modelling of bistability in forest-grassland mosaics in my lab, ecology in general, Guelph, poetry and creative writing, kids, and, most importantly, about your own interests.