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Thursday, May 21

13:00 CST

Workshop - Making your software discoverable and useful
This workshop will cover the best practices to ensure that the code you write will be found and used by potential users.


Thursday May 21, 2015 13:00 - 16:00 CST
PHYSIC 129 Physics Building, University of Saskatchewan
Friday, May 22

08:00 CST

Plant - Herbivore Interactions
  • 8:00 - Champagne E, Tremblay JP, and Côté SD. 'Does spatial scale influence the associational effects of neighbor plants on herbivory? Insights from a meta-analysis'
  • 8:15 - Chen W, Anstett DN, and Johnson MTJ. 'Latitudinal gradient of Acanthoscelidius acephalus and Spodoptera exigua performance on Oenothera biennis'
  • 8:30 - Conway AJ and Johnstone JF. 'Effects of mammalian herbivores on tree growth in early post-fire succession forests'
  • 8:45 - Ellis NM and Leroux S. 'Effects of introduced moose and human and natural disturbances on plant litter decomposition in Newfoundland, Canada'
  • 9:00 - Santangelo J and Kotanen P. 'Fungal endophytes of red fescue (Festuca rubra) increase host survival but reduce plant tolerance to simulated herbivory'
  • 9:15 - Skaien CL and Arcese P. 'Spatial Heterogeneity in Selection Pressure Exerted by Ungulate Herbivores on the Morphology and Life History of Plectritis congesta'
  • 9:30 - Holmes GD, Laird R, and DeClerck-Floate R. 'Impact of a leaf-galling wasp and nitrogen on an invasive plant species'
  • 9:45 - Fenton M, Yack J, and Reid M. 'Grumbling trees and listening bark beetles: use of acoustic cues in habitat choice by mountain pine beetles'

avatar for Emilie Champagne

Emilie Champagne

Ph.D. Student, Université Laval
I’m a biology Ph.D. student at Université Laval, studying plant-herbivore interactions, mostly in Anticosti Island with white-tailed deer.

Friday May 22, 2015 08:00 - 10:00 CST
PHYSIC 129 Physics Building, University of Saskatchewan

10:30 CST

Methods in Evolution and Ecology
  • 10:30 - Blanchet G. 'A general framework to model ecological communities that accounts for species association and estimates trait-environment relationships'
  • 10:45 - Capmourteres V and Anand M. 'Selecting multi-scale indicators to assess ecological functions in complex systems'
  • 11:00 - Collins NC and Zych AR. 'Managing false discovery rates in ecology and evolutionary biology'
  • 11:15 - Heard SB. '400 years of the reproducibility "crisis"'
  • 11:30 - Maillet J and Laroque CP. 'Watching Trees Grow: The Use of Intra-Annual Measures of Radial-Growth in Dendroclimatological Studies'
  • 11:45 - Walker SC, Blanchet FG and Bolker BM. 'Generalised linear mixed models for community ecologists: integrating model-based ordination with phylogenetic and spatial correlations'

Friday May 22, 2015 10:30 - 12:00 CST
PHYSIC 129 Physics Building, University of Saskatchewan

14:30 CST

Evolutionary Ecology: Invertebrates
  • 2:30 - Lewthwaite J, Mooers AO, Kerr JT. 'Dynamic Patterns of Phylogenetic Endemism in British Columbia’s Butterflies over the Past Century'
  • 2:45 - Campbell E, Dupuis J, and Sperling F. 'Species delimitation of the Silverspot butterflies'
  • 3:00 - Dupuis JR and Sperling FAH. 'Hybrid dynamics of the Papilio machaon species group of swallowtail butterflies in western Canada'
  • 3:15 - Godfrey C and Rundle H. 'Sexual selection on male antler flies in the wild'
  • 3:30 - Leduc-Robert G and Maddison WP. 'Phylogenetic resolution of Habronattus jumping spiders using transcriptomes'
  • 3:45 - Richards M, Vickruck JL, Botezatu IA, and Pickering G. 'Do Bees Smell...Like Kin? Chemical and genetic variation in eastern carpenter bee colonies'

Friday May 22, 2015 14:30 - 16:00 CST
PHYSIC 129 Physics Building, University of Saskatchewan
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