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Thursday, May 21

16:00 CST

Welcome Mixer
Welcome Mixer

Thursday May 21, 2015 16:00 - 18:00 CST
Natural Sciences Museum Geology Building, University of Saskatchewan
Friday, May 22

16:00 CST

Poster Session and Mixer
Poster session and mixer.
  • Airst J and Lingle S. 'Variation in Male Mating Tactics in White-tailed and Mule Deer'
  • Andres D and McLoughlin PD 'Sex differences in boldness of juvenile horses'
  • Arcand MM and Helgason BL. 'Soil decomposer community composition and activity differs between organic and conventional farming systems'
  • Attanayake U and Lamb EG. 'Assessment of Species Distribution Models to Predict Occurrences of Endemic Plant Species with Specialized Habitat Requirements in the Athabasca Sand Dunes of Northern Saskatchewan'
  • Bessho K and Otto SP. 'The evolution of macroalgal life cycles with haploid and diploid phases in spatially structured populations'
  • Blackburn GS. 'Landscape genetics of divergence-with-gene-flow in spruce budworm'
  • Bohn SJ and Brigham RM. 'Energetic Implications of Summer Roost Selection in Female Silver-haired Bats'
  • Bowman JA, Parmiter S, and Brown CD 'Resolving the fire regime of Labrador: A comparison of historic and recent forest fires'
  • Burns ID, Cullingham CI, and Coltman DW. 'Characterizing a genetic mosaic – the lodgepole-jack pine hybrid zone'
  • Chang AM and Wiebe K 'Habitat use and movement patterns of snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus) in winter'
  • Crane AL and Ferrari MCO. 'Can tadpoles update information about predation risk by extrapolating from prior risk trends?'
  • Falardeau M and Bennett EB. 'Linking changes in the Arctic marine ecosystem to the provisioning of ecosystem services and Inuit wellbeing'
  • Florko KR, Petersen SD, and Ferguson SH. 'Abundance estimates, haul-out patterns, and natural history of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) in the Churchill River Estuary'
  • Heisler LM, Somers C, and Poulin R. 'Owl pellets: an effective alternative to conventional trapping for broad-scale studies of small mammal communities'
  • Horachek ME, Johnstone JF, Laroque CP. 'Radial growth patterns of jack pine in relation to climate, moisture availability, and dwarf mistletoe infection in the Boreal Plains Ecozone of Saskatchewan, Canada'
  • Ibarguchi G. 'Biodiversity and Ecosystem Monitoring Come of Age'
  • Jegede OO and Owojori OJ. 'The influence of anthropogenic disturbance on the temporal distribution of the weaver ant Oecophylla longinoda'
  • Kricsfalusy VK. 'Plant species prioritization for conservation and monitoring: combining regional rarity and management needs'
  • Levesque D, Lamb EG and Henderson D. 'The use of riparian health assessments to evaluate cumulative anthropogenic effects to wetland habitats in the prairie pothole region of Saskatchewan'
  • Maloney, E. Morrissey, C Headley J, Prue K, and Lieber, K. 'Neonicotinoid insecticides: effects of acute exposure on the survival of aquatic invertebrates'
  • Medill SA, Janz DM, and McLoughlin PD. 'Cortisol and testosterone levels derived from hair: physiological and social correlates in feral horses (Equus ferus caballus)'
  • Merriam AB and Lamb EG. 'Relationship between exotic plant invasion and native species richness on a remnant prairie'
  • Millar JS, Lobo N, and McAdam AG. 'Trapping data for mice and voles in the Kananaskis Valley, Alberta, 1983-2011'
  • Morken JA, Conway AJ and Johnstone JF. 'The effects of fire severity and herbivory on the growth and succession of the boreal forest in interior Alaska'
  • Myers JH, Cory JS, and MacDonald RP. 'Temperature, viral infection and population cycles of western tent caterpillars'
  • Robicheau B, Powell A, Del Bel L, Breton S, and Stewart D. 'Doubly uniparental inheritance of mtDNA in the marine horse-mussel (M. modiolus): a comparison of female and male associated mitochondrial genomes'
  • Fresque J and Schamp B. 'Do positively and negatively co-occurring plant species differ in functional niche overlap?'
  • Serajchi M, Lamb EG, and Schellenberg M. 'Weed Communities in Native Prairie Seeded Mixtures in Semiarid Saskatchewan'
  • Shafer A. The genomic legacy of past exploitation and climatic oscillations in pinnipeds
  • Shibel Z and Heard SB. 'Synergistic and additive effects of water stress and clipping on S.altissima and S.gigantea'
  • Sinclair-Waters M, Bentzen P, Bradbury I, Hamilton L, and Morris C. 'Genomic tools for the management of a marine protected area in coastal Labrador: the Gilbert Bay Atlantic Cod MPA'
  • Singh, KK, Henkelman J, and Johnstone JF. 'Implications of high-resolution remote sensing data and landscape characteristics for large area boreal forest vegetation assessment'
  • Wilcox A, McGuire LP, Fuller N, Mayberry H, Willis CKR. 'Roost preferences of endangered little brown bats (Myotis lucifugus) recovering from white-nose syndrome'

avatar for Gabriela Ibarguchi

Gabriela Ibarguchi

Postdoctoral Associate and ISAC Associate Director, Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary
Biodiversity in harsh environments polar environments mountains birds biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring Arctic environmental change
avatar for Vladimir Kricsfalusy

Vladimir Kricsfalusy

Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Vladimir Kricsfalusy, PhD, Associate Professor AP, Program Director Master of Sustainable Environmental Management, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan.
avatar for Alicia Merriam

Alicia Merriam

Summer student, Dept of Plant Sciences, U of S
I am about to graduate with a degree in Applied Plant Ecology and this is my first Ecology conference! I did an undergraduate thesis with Dr. Eric Lamb on the effect of exotic plant invasion on native richness and I am interested in invasion and fire ecology. Orchids are also a special... Read More →

Friday May 22, 2015 16:00 - 18:00 CST
Garry Room, Marquis Hall Marquis Hall, Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK

18:00 CST

Student and Post Doc Strategies for Success
This session and mixer will provide students with a unique opportunity to meet with postdocs and professors of diverse backgrounds to discuss certain aspects of successful careers in research. While the advice will be serious, the event will take place in an informal pub setting. The bar will be arranged so that there are different stations with resident experts dedicated to each subject. Students will be free to move from topic to topic and engage in the discourse over a few pints.

Friday May 22, 2015 18:00 - 21:00 CST
Louis' Pub, Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan - Management Area, Saskatoon, SK Louis' Pub and Loft
Saturday, May 23

07:00 CST

Fun Run
Fun Run

Saturday May 23, 2015 07:00 - 08:00 CST
River Valley River Valley

17:15 CST

Prairie Sun Brewery Night
An evening at a local microbrewery. For those who want to go early and eat at Prairie sun, a bus will be available to bring you back to campus in time for the public lecture. Another bus will leave after the public lecture. Please purchase tickets for this event at the registration desk.

Bus pickup times are as follows:
Place Riel (University Bus Loop)
4:45 PM
5:30 PM
6:40 PM
8:40 PM
9:30 PM

Prairie Sun Brewery (Drop off at University or by Request at Park Town Hotel)
6:10 PM
7:00 PM
9:00 PM
10:00 PM
12:30 AM
1:10 AM

Saturday May 23, 2015 17:15 - Sunday May 24, 2015 01:00 CST
Bus pickup at Transit Bus Loop for travel to Prairie Sun Brewery 2020 Quebec Ave, Saskatoon, SK
  Social Event, Mixer
Sunday, May 24

17:00 CST

Conference wrap-up banquet at the Western Development Museum. Buses will leave Place Riel (University Bus Loop) at 5pm.

Return buses from the conference venue to the University and Park Town Hotel (by request) will leave at:
9:30 PM
11:30 PM
12:00 AM
12:30 AM

Sunday May 24, 2015 17:00 - Monday May 25, 2015 00:30 CST
Bus pickup at Transit Bus Loop for travel to the Western Development Museum Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, SK
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